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Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine

We offer an exclusive range of Automatic Shrink Wrapping Machine at industry leading prices. We manufacture these products using high quality. These are used for Wrapping and are well known for high strength, high performance and long service life. We also ensure that our range is free from any defects and ideal for application. These are available in various sizes, dimensions and can be customized as per the specifications given by the clients.
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Semi Automatic Shrink Packing Machine
Our range of Semi Automatic Shrink Packing Machine is developed with the far infrared and the hot blast circulation technology. The electronic limitless speed modulation of our machine is equipped with automatic temperature control. We fabricate this product with automatic contact device control for cutting sealing and shrinking. Further, we have installed the best quality components and controls in the machine for a trouble free and long lasting performance.

Colorful Film Packaging Machine
Fully Automatic Counting & Collating Single Layer Colorful Film Packaging Machine

Widely adopted by the food, electronics, stationery toys, fruits salted materials, metal wares, tools, cosmetic, pharmaceuticals, clothing, daily-use products, electronic appliances, bamboo ware, etc, Industries for shrink packing purposes.
Model No. Machine (L*W*H)mm Packag Range (L*W*H)mm Speed Range (PPM) Power Consumption KW
TY-700-80 1500x820x1450 (100-300)x(40-250)x(5-80) 1~25 220V 1.5
TY-700-80S 1500x820x1450 (30-300)x(40-250)x(5-80) 1~25 220V 1.5
TY-701-120 2100x1000x1580 (100-500)x(60-350)x(5-120) 1~25 220V 2
TY-701-120S 2100x1000x1580 (30-500)x(60-350)x(5-120) 1~18 220V 2
TY-702-120 2550x1200x1580 (120-700)x(120-500)x(5-120) 1~20 220V 2.5
*Specifications subject to change without prior notice.

Middle Speed L-Type Sealing Machine (Item Code : TY703150HST)
Features: Traditional Middle speed L bar sealer has no reciprocating sealing function, so the sealing line is not strong enough and has the holes or welding seams after shrinking. The new model of TY-703-150H-ST is designed to avoid these problems.

Automatic L-Type Sealing Machine (Item Code: TY-701-3000L)
Automatic L-type Sealing Machine Series are known for their high finishing standards. They are high efficiency for lower labor cost. These machines will cut off power supply while open control panel directly. This L- type sealing machines are acknowledged for their reliable service life. They are fabricated using high quality material and available in different sizes as per the clients’ requirement.
Model No. Machine size (LxWxH mm) Package Range (LxWxH mm) Speed Range Voltage Consumption KW
TY-700-80-CE 1500x820x1450 (100-300)x(40-250)x(5-80) 1-25PPM 220V 1.5
TY-700-80S-CE 1500x820x1450 (30-300)x(40-250)x(5-80) 1-20PPM 220V 1.5
TY-701-120-CE 2050x1000x1580 (100-500)x(60-350)x(5-120) 1-25PPM 220V 2
TY-701-120S-CE 2050×1000×1580 (30-500)x(60-350)x(5-120) 1-18PPM 220V 2
TY-702-120-CE 2550×1200×1580 (120-700)x(120-500)x(5-120) 1-20PPM 220V 2.5
TY-701-300H-CE 3000×1500×1650 (250-600)x(150-400)x(60-300) 1-15PPM 220V 2.5
TY-701-3000L-CE 4500×1000×1580 (600-3000)x(50-200)x(20-120) 1-12PPM 220V 2.5

L- Type Sealing Machine
TY-603 Semi - Automatic L- type Sealing Machine (Pneumatically operated mode)

Model No. Machine size ( L x W x H ) Speed Range (PPM) Sealing dimensions Power Consumption
TY-601 1780x950x1000mm 1~12 550x425mm 1kw 220V
TY-603 1780x1050x1000mm 1~12 550x525mm 1kw 220V

Automatic L-Type Sealing Machine Series
We offer an exclusive range of Automatic L-type Sealing Machine to our clients, which are usually made of standard materials. Furthermore, our range finds huge demand in the competitive markets for its various features such as accuracy, resistance to corrosion and optimum utility. We provide them at affordable prices. We manufacture them in exclusive designs for capability of sealing.
Features :

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